Google Drive is Here – Should You Drop Dropbox?

For a long time now Dropbox and Skydrive have dominated the online storage market, but that was before Google threw their hat into the ring. Google knows what they’re doing here – they’ve integrated Drive into the rest of their services in a neat and tidy way, but is it worth jumping ship on your current online storage provider to take advantage of Google Drive?

Let’s start by looking at what Google Drive is and what it can do. Drive offers you 5GB of storage for free, which is a nice bump up when compared to similar services. Additionally, Drive is built right into the Google suite of services. So, if you’re already using Google Docs, Gmail, and the rest of Google’s services, Drive is a natural fit.

Like similar services, Google Drive offers up a piece of software that will integrate Drive into your Windows PC or your Mac. With the software installed, you can just drag and drop files into your Drive account.

Alright, now that you have some idea of what Google Drive is, let’s look at the bigger question – should you be using it?

Well, if you aren’t using an online storage service at the moment, you’ll probably want to at least consider Google Drive. If you’re already using other Google services, then you’ll probably want to choose Drive over the competition.

Here’s where it gets tricky. If you currently use Dropbox, then you probably have a bunch of files stored on the service already. You probably also have shared folders with friends and coworkers. The┬ádecision┬áto switch to Google Drive might be an easy one for you, but convincing everyone you share files with to switch may not be so easy. If you can’t get everyone to switch, you’ll be stuck dealing with two online storage services, and that could lead to confusion over which files are in which folder.

Basically what we’re saying here is that if you don’t have any real reason to stick with your current online storage provider, Google Drive looks like it’s worth the hassle of switching. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of shared files with other users of your current service, you’ll probably want to stay put for now.

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