Latest Steam Beta Allows Remote Installation of Games

If you read the System Requirement Round Up, there’s a good chance you have Steam installed on your computer, and you’ve probably got a lot of games installed through the Steam service. Steam’s great – it helps you keep your games organized, they offer a lot of great sales on some great games, and they even have a mobile app so you can keep up on Steam news and sales from your phone.

There’s only one problem with Steam – you have to wait for games to¬†download¬†before you can play them. The latest Steam beta can help with that. No, it won’t make your internet faster, but it will let you download games to your computer when you’re not actually sitting in front of it. All you have to do is leave your computer running with Steam open when you leave the house. Then you can log into Steam from any computer or mobile device and remotely start downloads to your computer.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here – you will need to leave your computer running whenever you want to use this feature, and it will need to be connected to t he internet. It’s also important to remember that this software is still in beta – that means it’s not the final product, and as such, there may be bugs. If you’re not afraid to install some beta software on your gaming rig, follow the instructions found here and give it a try.





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