Intel Using Substandard Thermal Paste in Ivy Bridge Processors

If you’re thinking about upgrading your computer to take advantage of Intel’s latest batch of Ivy Bridge CPUs, you might want to hold off for a bit. Don’t get us wrong – the latest batch or processors have been well received by reviewers, but there’s been one major complaint – the temperature.

Ivy Bridge processors seem to run far warmer than they should, confounding both PC enthusiasts and overclockers. Japanese tech site PC Watch found the problem – thermal paste. They cracked open Ivy Bridge processor, wiped the chip inside clean, and replaced the stock thermal paste with a high quality aftermarket thermal paste. The results were surprising – the thermal paste made almost ten degrees worth of difference. That’s a pretty significant difference in temperature.

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the thermal paste on top of the heat spreader, but rather the past found under it – in other words, this isn’t a modification the average PC builder should take on. If you feel comfortable cracking open your processor, it’s probably a good idea to replace the stock thermal paste, if not, you’ll probably want to hold off on purchasing an Ivy Bridge chip until Intel addresses the issue.

It’s worth noting that an aftermarket CPU cooler will also help keep the temperature down. If you just can’t wait for an Ivy Bridge CPU but you want to keep the temperature down without cracking the CPU open, you’ll definitely want to pick up a new CPU / fan combo.

Intel hasn’t directly addressed the issue yet, but it’s a fairly safe bet that they will acknowledge the problem, and chances are, they’ll start using different thermal paste in future batches of Ivy Bridge processors. So basically, we’re recommending that you hold off for a week or two to see if Intel announces any plans to change up the thermal paste and improve theĀ temperaturesĀ on their new chips.


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