Windows 8 Family Safety Features Revealed

The internet can be a scary place to let your kids dive into. At the very least it’s a way for them to waste time instead of doing their homework, and at the worst, it can expose them to ideas you don’t feel they’re ready for. Windows 8 will implement some robust family safety features.

When you create an account for your kids on Windows 8, you’ll get detailed reports sent straight to your email about what they’re doing when they sit down at the computer. Instead of setting up all your security settings when you first create their account, you’ll be able to adjust your security settings based on their internet habits. By setting them up with a Windows Live account, you’ll be able to make changes to their account from any device you are using – not just the computer they’re using.

When you set up a standard account for your kids, Windows 8 implements a few basic settings right out of the gate to keep your kids (and your computer) safe. First and foremost, your kids will be barred from accessing your account or any of your information, including your email and files. That segregation is a two way street – if your kids want to make any changes to the appearance of their desktop, or if they want to customize any other settings, those changes won’t affect your account. Your kids will also be completely blocked from downloading any malware or other suspicious files.

From there, you can adjust additional settings that will block specific websites, or general types of websites, you can limit the times they’re allowed to use the computer, and you can also block specific games and applications. You can even choose to block games based on their ESRB rating if you want to keep your kids from playing games that may contain content you don’t find suitable for them.

These family safety settings should make it easier than ever to keep your kids safe while they use the internet. You can start taking advantage of these features by diving into the preview program currently running, or if you’d prefer to hold out until the final product is released, you can hold off until October to pick up a copy of Microsoft’s new OS.

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