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An Explanation of DDR3 Memory

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DDR3 RAM computer memory was first released in 2007. DDR3 stands for Double Data Rate 3 and unlike its predecessor, DDR2, it offers 8GB of capacity in a single chip instead of only 4GB. This means that DDR3 memory has the capability of operating many more applications at one time, without any unwanted symptoms such as slowing the computer down. DDR3 provides high-speed RAM which will help to keep your computer operating rapidly and efficiently.

By KaitlynT on 28 March 2011

DDR2 Memory- Reasons to Upgrade

DDR2 Computer Memory

We always want a swifter and more efficient performance from our PC, and are constantly eager to invest in different peripherals for achieving this faster performance. All new computers come with the latest technology including larger RAMs and speedier CPUs. DDR2 memory replaced DDR as a new generation of technology in 2004.

By KaitlynT on 23 March 2011

Purchasing DDR2 Memory

No matter if your computer is old or new, everyone wants their machine to run faster and more efficiently. Computers have become a way of life, and this technology is equally important for business and personal use. To increase their …

By jeffm on 17 March 2011

What is DDR2 Memory?

Though currently being surpassed by DDR3, DDR2 memory is still a popular and cheaper type of RAM that can be installed into today’s motherboards. But what is DDR2 memory? What does it feature, how did surpass DDR, and why does …

By jeffm on 15 March 2011

DDR3 Memory

Double Data Rate memory has been constantly evolving since the creation of the DDR component for computer systems. After DDR and DDR2 memory reached their respective technological limits, DDR3 memory was created to efficiently take their place. The way to …

By jeffm on 11 March 2011

A Quick Guide to Getting the Right DDR Memory

If you’re unfamiliar with ddr memory, then you should make a point to read this prior to investing in more RAM for your computer. DDR SD RAM and SD RAM are two completely different things, so if your chips of …

By jeffm on 10 March 2011

DDR Memory Explained

DDR stands for double data rate, and is the successor to SDR memory (single data rate). It currently comes in three different versions and performs significantly better the more recent version you are using. Each edition also has different clock …

By jeffm on 11 February 2011

Samsung Introduces New DDR4 Technology

Just as DDR3 seems to have established itself as the computer memory gold standard, Samsung has announced that they are releasing a brand new technology. Development has recently been completed on the very first DDR4 RAM module.

By KaitlynT on 13 January 2011

The Difference between SDRAM and DDR Memory

Both DDR memory and SDRAM memory are used in computers and several other devices today. While both types of memory carry out the same task, they do it in slightly different ways. It is important to understand the differences between …

By jeffm on 19 November 2010

Realizing The Value Of Computer Memory

It’s a shame, but many people do not realize the value of sufficient computer memory. It may seem like such a simple concept because there is always so much conversation about the topic. Everything seems to rely on memory, and …

By jeffm on 12 November 2010