Laptop Memory

To Laptop or to Desktop, That is the Question

Desktop Computer

Last week we talked about the difference in the computer memory requirements for a Laptop versus a Desktop.  But if you’re in the market for a new PC entirely, how do you decide which type to buy?  Today we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of each.

By KaitlynT on 21 April 2011

Do You Need More Laptop Memory?

The topic of memory usually only comes up after someone has already bought their laptop. The amount of memory your machine has determines how quickly it operates and what programs it can process. In addition, many laptops are marketed with …

By jeffm on 8 March 2011

Apple Announces the Launch of iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

This past Wednesday, Apple announced the launch of their much-anticipated iPad 2.  We already told you about the expected increase in demand for DRAM memory, due to the increasing popularity of tablet PCs.  And with the launch of the iPad 2, we expect that the demand for tablet PC DRAM will continue to rise.

By susanb on 4 March 2011

Laptop Memory is the Most Important Consideration

When purchasing a laptop there are many considerations to keep in mind. Foremost is what price is best for the budget. A second consideration involves the size of the screen along with the weight of the computer, though most weights …

By jeffm on 3 March 2011

Tips on Upgrading Laptop Memory

Laptom Computer

There are not a whole lot options when it comes to upgrading your laptop. The exceptions to this rule include the hard drive and the memory. Adding laptop memory is a good investment, and is probably the best way to boost the speed of a laptop other than perhaps updating very old drivers.

By jeffm on 17 February 2011

Your Laptop’s Memory

A laptop’s memory is a vital key to its operation. Everything you do on your laptop needs to be saved sooner or later, whether it’s saving your personal account information, or saving your work that’s done over the internet. So as you can see, laptop memory is crucial. A memory chip is installed in all computers to save all of the user’s important information. The data can be stored on the chip forever, so long as it isn’t damaged or erased (of course).

By jeffm on 9 February 2011

Samsung Introduces New DDR4 Technology

Just as DDR3 seems to have established itself as the computer memory gold standard, Samsung has announced that they are releasing a brand new technology. Development has recently been completed on the very first DDR4 RAM module.

By KaitlynT on 13 January 2011

Can Replacing Your Computer Memory Damage Your PC?


When it comes to replacing your computer memory it is usually a pretty simple process.  It is one that you can do at home with little training or with little understanding of RAM memory.  But there are some things that you should watch out for when it comes to replacing your random access memory on your PC or MAC.

By KaitlynT on 7 January 2011

Toshiba Memory Upgrade is Easier Than You Think

It is easier than you think to upgrade your Toshiba laptop memory.  When you first decide to change the computer memory on your laptop yourself, there are a couple of items that you will need.  First a Phillips head screwdriver with a non-magnetic tip, the new Toshiba SODIMMs laptop memory, and an anti-static wrist wrap or mat.

By Megan Memory Blog on 13 December 2010

How to Upgrade your Laptop Computer Memory

Computer Memory

Upgrading your Laptop Computer Memory is a great way to enhance your current system.  It can sometimes be a challenge to implement the new notebook memory into your system.  But there are tips to adding your computer memory stick so it is done properly and correctly.

By Megan Memory Blog on 30 November 2010