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Apple Announces the Launch of iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

This past Wednesday, Apple announced the launch of their much-anticipated iPad 2.  We already told you about the expected increase in demand for DRAM memory, due to the increasing popularity of tablet PCs.  And with the launch of the iPad 2, we expect that the demand for tablet PC DRAM will continue to rise.

By susanb on 4 March 2011

Tablet PC Craze Will Boost DRAM Memory Sales

Apple iPad

Market demand for DRAM memory is expected to increase substantially in 2011. This is largely due to the current raging popularity of tablet PCs. Around 37 million GB of DRAM were sold in 2010, but researchers predict that this number will increase by 835% this year.

By KaitlynT on 3 February 2011

Can Replacing Your Computer Memory Damage Your PC?


When it comes to replacing your computer memory it is usually a pretty simple process.  It is one that you can do at home with little training or with little understanding of RAM memory.  But there are some things that you should watch out for when it comes to replacing your random access memory on your PC or MAC.

By KaitlynT on 7 January 2011

Upgrade Your Apple Memory in Your MacBook

Upgrade Apple Memory

If you have a MacBook, iBook, PowerMac or any other type of Apple Computer and noticed that your systems has been running slow, you need not to worry.   There is a low cost option to improving your Apple computer’s performance by increasing your Apple Memory.

By Megan Memory Blog on 7 December 2010

Apple Memory Types for Your Mac System

We have memory for all computer systems, including your PC and your Mac.  At 18004MEMORY we are dedicated to supplying the best selection of computer memory available in one place.  That means that you can always find Apple memory for your iBook, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro and more!

By Megan Memory Blog on 15 October 2010