SDRAM Memory

The Power and Benefits of SDRAM Memory

SDRAM memory is a special kind of memory that was extremely popular within the market around the 1990s and early in the year 2000. Although it is mostly out of date today, this RAM can still provide some benefits to …

By jeffm on 22 February 2011

The Difference between SDRAM and DDR Memory

Both DDR memory and SDRAM memory are used in computers and several other devices today. While both types of memory carry out the same task, they do it in slightly different ways. It is important to understand the differences between …

By jeffm on 19 November 2010

What is SDRAM Memory?

SDRAM Memory

Last week we talked about what DDR Memory is now I want to discuss what SDRAM Memory is. Incase you need to update your computer with SDRAM Memory it is good to know what the computer memory is and what kind you need.

By Megan Memory Blog on 11 October 2010