System Requirement Roundup for July 19th 2011

The summer gaming drought rages on! There’s just one major release this week, and when we say “major” we actually just mean DLC for the Fallout: New Vegas. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to venture back into the …

By Mike Kurz on 15 July 2011

Build Your Own Computer Part Five: Install The Operating System

Now that your computer is assembled, it’s time to press the power button for the first time! Cross your fingers and hit that power button now. If everything’s connected correctly, the computer will power on, and after a few seconds …

By Mike Kurz on 28 June 2011

System Requirement Round Up for June 7th 2011

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 kicks off this week, and that means there aren’t a lot of new releases hitting store shelves. There are just two major titles hitting the PC this week; Red Faction: Armageddon, and Operation Flashpoint: Red …

By Mike Kurz on 3 June 2011

Can Laptop and Desktop Computers use the Same Memory?

Laptop Couputer

While the visible differences between a laptop and a desktop PC are rather obvious, can the same be said for their internal components.  Both types of devices operate similarly, so could their parts, including memory, possibly be interchangeable?

By KaitlynT on 14 April 2011

DRAM Memory for Mobile Devices

Apple iPad Tablet

Thanks to the current tablet PC craze that is sweeping across the consumer electronics market, there has been a major surge in the development of DRAM technology.  It is currently being reported that the amount of DRAM memory in tablets will increase by as much as 147% in 2011.

By KaitlynT on 4 April 2011

Choosing the Right Company to Buy Your Server Memory

When you purchase a server for your company it can be a very expensive but important investment.  So when it comes the time when you need to upgrade your server memory it is very important that you get the right equipment that will be compatible with your system.  That is why at 18004MEMORY we carry multiple brands of server memory for your business’ server upgrades.

By Megan Memory Blog on 10 December 2010

Why Computer Memory Makes a Great Holiday Gift?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner many people are thinking about what to get those special people in their lives.  Are you sick of getting dad that same old tie or did mom that ugly sweater?  Instead get them what they really need this year, computer memory.   Not sure if they’ll like it?  Well here are a couple of reasons why computer memory is a perfect gift this holiday season:

By Megan Memory Blog on 22 November 2010

What is FPM Memory?

There are all types of memory that people are searching for everyday that will be compatible with their  Servers, PCs or Macs.  There are memory types like DDR Memory, SDRAM Memory, EDO Memory, and RDRAM.  When it comes to our blog we are always dedicated to helping people not only find the computer memory that they need, but learn a little bit about the purchases they are making.

By Megan Memory Blog on 17 November 2010

Tweaking Computer Memory to Increase Your Systems Speed

Are you tired of waiting for your computer to re-boot?  Are you sick of paying for high speed internet when it feels like you have dial up?  Does your computer seem to be running slower than usual?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these three questions you are probably in the market for a computer memory upgrade.

By Megan Memory Blog on 16 November 2010

Updating Your Gateway Computer Memory

Gateway Computer

Computer company, Gateway, was founded by Ted Waitt on September 5, 1985 on a farm outside of Sioux City, Iowa.  Since the company started on a farm, this is where they got their signature shipping boxes that were patterned after a cow’s markings.  The company was originally called Gateway 2000 and it was successful after an idea that played up its Iowa roots with low-tech advertisement.

By Megan Memory Blog on 12 November 2010